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Introducing Masterkool i-Kool, the innovative mobile air cooling solution in a sleek, compact design. With a tank capacity of 15 Litres, this mobile device can reduce the temperature by 5°C to 15°C on an area of 10m².


Evaporative coolers are NOT air conditioners. These units create cool damp air and can be used inside and outside. They operate in a completely different way to an air conditioner. Please be wary of online retailers advertising these as "air conditioners" - these use a different technology from air conditioners, instead, they use cooled air to reduce the temperature in homes and offices. Because of this, they do not come with a hose.

  • Reduce 5-15°C
  • Modern & space-saving design 10-litre water tank for 14-20 hours.
  • Water level sensor
  • Remote control & timer Ionizer function
  • Special fan blade for strong air flow
  • ABS casing

Reliable Quiet Efficient Portable


Also known as Swamp Coolers or Spot Coolers, Masterkool Air Coolers simply use the process of evaporation to create a cool environment, without the need for an expensive air conditioning system. They are simple to use, portable and cheap to run.


  • Dura-Pump Technology
  • Empty Water Tank Alarm
  • Remote With Timer
  • Digital Control Panel
  • System Restore Function
  • Auto Swing Feature
  • Cool Flow Dispenser
  • Large Tank Capacity
  • High-Efficiency Cooling Pads

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