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Technical Questions

Will socket testers spot all mains wiring faults?
No, they can´t tell if the earth and neutral wires are reversed, and most conventional testers can only tell if the earth is disconnected.  

My non-trip loop tester only resolves 1Ω, is this a problem?
If your circuit is protected with an RCD your loop impedance has to be less than approx 100Ω, although in theory it could be up to 1000Ω. If its reading 1-3Ω, that´s fine, if you haven´t got an RCD you need a high current loop test with two digit resolution.

When should I use GS38 leads?
If you are working on mains power circuits GS38 leads are deemed necessary. See health and safety guidance notes.

Should I buy a manual or downloading PAT tester?
If you have the budget the download PAT is better. It has excellent memory and it makes managing your records easy, it holds above 1000 appliance records. We recommend manual PAT if you are going to be testing less than 600 appliances.

Why am I getting two different readings from two meters?
All meters have a spec, and if one meter is reading from the top of its spec, and the other from the bottom, both readings will still be correct but just show different values.

How often should I get my meter calibrated?
Only you can decide this based on your environment, and the consequences of errors. However most people get their meters calibrated every 12 months.

Does QVS repair all Test Meter´ instruments?
Yes, with a fixed charge repair scheme. Please see our calibration list.

Are all your metres calibrated when first sold?
As part of the manufacturer´s process, all equipment goes through a series of tests including calibration. However certificates are not provided for all products.