Welcome to the Byron Door bell & pushes Technical Section. Below is some useful information regarding the bryon products that we sell. If you have any further questions please contact us on sales@qvsdirect.co.uk or alternatively use our contact form.


What other chime can I use in addition to my existing Byron chime?

  • Wired: to connect an additional wired chime you need to use the power supply type as existing chime i.e. Battery or Transformer.

    Battery: It’s recommended that you use the same battery/model type for both chimes i.e. 4 type C batteries or a 9V PP3 battery. This ensures that the battery life is not reduced by the additional chime.

    To connect the two units together, connect a wire from each terminal in the chime to the back of the terminal in the bell push as per the instructions in each chime, this will allow the chimes to ring together.
  • Transformer: To use two transformer powered chimes you need to use 8V 2 Amp AC power source, as a standard transformer will result in a dull sound being produced by the chimes.

    To connect the chimes to the push, you need to connect them in parallel as the diagrams below.

    If you intend to have more than 2 chime units, you will need to use another power supply to power the third chime. It’s recommend that you use a relay to connect any more additional units.

    All Byron chimes that are operated by a transformer individually need a power of 8volt 1 amp.
  • Wirefree See compatibility chart below.


What do I need to power my chime?

(Wired) You will need a battery or transformer, see individual packaging for details.
(Wirefree) You will need batteries or mains supply, see individual packaging for details.

NB In ALL cases a push is needed to activate your doorchime.


How do I change the sound of my 2 note chime?

Remove back plate from the push and you will see six white switches on a red panel. Next to those switches you will see a black jumper. The Black jumper is covering two prongs. This jumper needs to be removed if you want the sound to change. If the sound does not change once the jumper has been removed you then need to re-cover the two prongs with the black jumper. The jumper is what enables you to alternate between the two sounds.


How do I change the sound of my 8 note chime?

Located inside the back of your push is a little button marked 'S', each time you press it you will hear a new sound. Once you hear the sound you like replace the back of the push and mount on the wall.


Is my product guaranteed?

All non-perishable goods are guaranteed for one year, we design our chimes in the hope that you will not need to return a faulty product during or after that period. However should you have reason to believe your product is faulty after any length of time do let us know and we will be happy to help. The Bryon Helpline number is 0845 230 1231