Kidde Lithium Battery 10-year Carbon Monoxide Alarm



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Non Replaceable Sealed Li-Ion (Supplied) with 10 years of continuous protection
Slim design and easy to use
Ideal for wall or ceiling mounting or freestanding for portable use
Type: Carbon Monoxide Detector
Features combined Test/Hush/reset button with status indication LEDs
BSI certified to EN52091-1
Unique wate-based Kidde CO electrochemical sensor

Kidde Carbon Monoxide alarm, sleek, lightweight CO Alarm with a non-replaceable, sealed-in lithium battery for ten years of continuous protection - meaning the user never needs to change the battery for the full duration of the alarm's life!

Key Features

  • Sealed-in lithium batteries - will last the full 10-year alarm life without ever needing to be replaced
  • Continious monitoring - of carbon monoxide
  • Alarm memory - the red LED will flash every 60 seconds to indicate a CO event has occurred
  • Unique water-based Kidde CO Electrochemical Sensor
  • CO 'Quick-Test' feature - temporarily de-sensitises the CO snesor to allow quick-testing using Kidde approved CO sprays
  • Interrogation feature - allows peak level, test history to be analysed by Kidde upon arrangement
  • 3 LEDs - Alarm, Operate and Fault
  • End-of-life alarm - alerts user to replace alarm after 10 years of protection
  • Test/Reset button - to allow regular testing of alarm function

Where To Use

This slim, easy to use alarm is ideal for use in all living areas and can be installed on a wall or ceiling, or used freestanding on a table or shelf. It is also easily portable so can be taken away on holidays.

General Features

Model 10LLCO
Power Supply Sealed in Lithium battery
Temperature Range 0°C to 40°C
Humidity Range Up to 90% relative humidity (RH) non-condensing
Storage and Transport -20°C to +60°C and 5-95% humidity (RH) non-condensing
Alarm Dimensions 116 x 72 x 40mm
Alarm Weight 140g
Warranty 10 years
Approved BSI certified to EN52091-1
CE tested and certified

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