Vogue Towel Rails
Welcome to the Vogue Technical Section. Manufactured from the highest quality 100% Brass materials and all are inspected and approved to stringent levels of electrical safety in accordance with the BEAB approval. Designed by Vogue to be eminently practical, requires NO Hot Water Plumbing whatsoever, only a suitable electrical supply. Always exceptionally economic in operation, costing less than a light bulb to run, they are designed to be left on continuously.
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All heat outputs are shown at 50°C∆ t, in compliance with BS EN 442 Specification for Radiators & Convectors. To convert to 60°C∆ t, multiply heat output by conversion factor 1.268 (approximate figure).

The majority of towel rails illustrated on the website are available in the following formats.


For connection to a central heating or hot water circuit. Please ensure compatibility of the product to circuit choice before purchase. Care should be taken when installing on a hot water circuit to ensure dezincification will not occur. Further information available in Hints & Advice.


Hot Water
Standard rail option

For ladder rail
option only



A completely independent unit requiring only a 13amp fused spur electric connection in close proximity. Available in two formats.

OPTION 1 - The most popular format for electric towel rails is one filled with thermal transfer fluid which is heated by an electric immersion heater located at the bottom of the towel rail. The immersion heater is a sealed cartridge and can therefore be easily changed in case of failure.

OPTION 2 - (Dry lined electric) Many of the towel rails illustrated can also be supplied for electric only operation, employing a silicon cored resistance wire which is threaded through the inside of the tubing during manufacture. However, only relatively low wattage heat outputs are attainable, in case of failure the towel rail needs returning to the manufacturer for the fitting of a replacement heater core.


Standard rail option

  electric 2
For ladder rail
option only

Sometimes known as dual fuel or dual energy. Connected to a central heating circuit with adequate isolation, and provisions for the connection of an electric element for operation in summer months when the heating circuit is not in use. Particular attention should be paid to further information within this section of the brochure concerning the correct installation and operation of heating and electric models.


Dual Fuel
Standard rail option

For ladder rail
option only



Manufactured from hot brass stamped fittings and high quality brass tube complying to BS2871.

Some models manufactured from high grade CR steel tubing and/or containing steel components suitable for closed/indirect circuits only.

In aggressive water areas, or where water softeners are installed, dezincification resistant materials should be specified. Please ask for an individual quotation.

The installation of electrically operated towel rails, when fitted in bathrooms, must comply with current I.E.E. wiring regulations and BS7671. If in doubt consult a qualified electrician. Dual fuel models should be operated in the electric mode with provision for expansion. Manufacturers notes do not override legal obligations.

All rails are pressure tested to 100p.s.i (6.9 bar) air immersed in water.

All models are fitted with 2 x 1º2" BSP F.I connections, excepting LOLA which is unheated. Alternative M.I. or compression fitting is available on request. 3º4" BSP connections available at extra cost on some models.

A manual bleed air vent is fitted to all hot water/dual fuel models.



In order to assist your choice of towel rail, the following check points should help to avoid the specification of an unsuitable model.

  1. Ensure the space you have is of adequate dimensions and that suitable services can be directed to the location.
  2. Check you have sufficient room to accept the projection of the towel rail without impeding access or door opening etc.
  3. Ensure the towel rail of your choice is suited to the circuit available. Never install an item containing ferrous (steel) parts on an open circuit. If in doubt, ask!
  4. Wherever possible Vogue towel rails are manufactured using dezincification resistant brass. However, it should be understood the term ‘resistant’ does not entirely preclude the possibility of dezincification occurring. If you intend to install the product on an open (DHW) circuit, make reference to your local water authority to ensure dezincification has not previously occurred. Towel rails manufactured from brass tubing should not be installed on an open circuit if a water softener is present. Water analysis to determine the likelihood of dezincification is available at cost. Product compatibility is the responsibility of the installer.
  5. Never install a towel rail without providing for suitable isolation.
  6. Consider the benefits of an electrical immersion heater for continued operation in the summer months. When utilised, one isolating valve should be turned off to prevent circulation through the system. Appropriate measures should also be taken to ensure the continued venting and filling of the product. On no account should the electric option be operated in tandem with the central heating.
  7. All Vogue UK products must be installed in accordance with BS5449, BS7593 and BS7671 to avoid invalidation of the guarantee.



  1. Where applicable installation should be conducted only by a qualified electrician with a sound knowledge of IEE regulations. The heating element in dual fuel units should be installed prior to leak testing of the system. The towel rail must be individually earth bonded.
  2. Always ensure the towel rail is protected by a suitably rated fuse (typically 5 amp) or proprietary brand residual circuit breaker.
  3. The electrical element within the towel rail is manufactured and inspected to European Standard EN60335-1 (CENELEC) - CE 61/50. It is splash proof only and must never be immersed.
  4. The heating element in dual fuel models must never be operated without the towel rail being completely full of water and connected to the central heating system. The system design must guarantee constant filling of the unit. Special care must be taken after any service work requiring ‘drain-off’ of the system.
  5. The towel rail must always be installed with the element at the bottom of the unit. Thermal cycling will not occur if the towel rail is installed with the element at the top. Consequential damage to the element will then occur.
  6. In dual energy models allowance for thermal expansion must be made by having the return valve partially open. The flow valve must be closed to prevent cycling through the system.
  7. Electric only towel rails are designed for continuous operation and are perfectly safe if left switched on permanently. If timed operation is required the time clock utilised should be rated to the wattage of the electric element. On no account should the electric operation of dual fuel models be utilised in conjunction with the central heating operation.
  8. All Vogue UK products must be installed in accordance with BS5449, BS7593 and BS7671 to avoid invalidation of the guarantee.



The information below is given as a guide only and can be affected by type and style of valve used. In circumstances where particular attention to installation dimensions are required we can supply individual drawings ensuring complete accuracy.

Some models within this brochure are not covered by the information below. Reference to our technical Sales Office should be made for any dimensional details required.

Installation 1
Floor mounted models 1” Ø tube
with ½” BSP connections


Installation 2
Wall mounted model viewed from above
1” Ø tube with ½” BSP connections


Installation 3
Floor mounted models 1¼” Ø tube
with ½” BSP connections


Installation 4
Wall mounted model viewed from above
1¼” Ø tube with ½” BSP connections